Frequently Asked Questions

If you have certain criteria about your print then you can drop your comment in the comments section provided before going to the checkout.
Click here to use our fast order and payment system, or you can email your image and we will request a payment. If posting photos on disk you can log onto www.paypal.com, and make payments to info@largephotoprints.co.uk using either your PayPal account or debit card.
We understand that from time to time customers want a print for a gift, prints are usually turned around within a few days of receiving your file and payment, if your order is urgent, please mark on your order and we will give it priority status. You can also select the faster delivery option at the checkout
We use advance printing technology from canon with twelve colours, you can be ensured of the very best in quality
Our inks are guaranteed for 90 years against natural and UV light, providing the prints are kept in the right conditions.
The price does include VAT, but no postage, postage and packaging will be added before you checkout.
Once the print or canvas is framed, keep away from extreme direct sunlight or damp areas, do not clean with glass cleaner, or any other liquid, and simply dust with a soft brush.
Providing your file is of high resolution, i.e. above 300 kb, and preferably taken with a 3 million- 5million pixel camera, your files will be okay to enlarge. If you are unsure then please contact us and we will check the suitability of your file (You can also see our guidelines page).
Sadly not, your image has a fixed number of pixels, the more of them you squeeze inside each inch of paper, the smaller the image will appear on the paper. Likewise, the fewer pixels you print per inch, the larger the image will appear on paper. The number of pixels that will be printed per inch is known as the resolution of the image, or "image resolution". Image resolution has everything to do with printing your image. It has nothing to do with how your image appears on your computer screen, which is why images you download off the internet usually appear much larger and higher quality on your screen than they do when you print them. Please see ourĀ  guidelines page for more information. The optimum amount of pixels per inch is 300.
We can print bespoke prints to most sizes, please contact us for a price if your size is not listed.
Wherever possible we add an extra border to our prints to allow them to be attached to a mount. This can be easily cut off if not required but not added afterwards. Please let us know if you require this border removing in the comments box provided.
If you wish to have us apply either of these effects to your photo this can be done free of charge, simply add this request into the comment section before checkout.
We do offer a photo restoration service for photos that are damaged or faded and make colour adjustments to your requirements. For restoration or alteration services please contact us and we'll give you a quotation. An example of our restoration service can be seen below: