Print Quality Guidelines

To ensure you receive the best quality print please read the following guidelines , or view our FAQs section, if you still have a question, please feel free to contact us.

To ensure the best quality reproduction on canvas or photo prints, use files from your camera at the highest resolution (see your camera/phone instructions for details) & then simply upload the file. If you have any special requirements or require any photo manipulation please let us know, online orders please use the comments box provided.

Wherever possible we supply images with a small border on top of the size ordered to allow for certain methods of framing, we can however remove this at your request, please just make a note in the comments box provided.

Files supplied may not fit exactly to the size ordered & may need to be cropped or fitted to the size selected, this will be done to maintain the image subject matter as best we can, please let us know if you have any specific requirements.

*Please note* The preview window only shows your uploaded file  in the original aspect ratio of the image, and will not represent the final printed product if a different aspect ratio is selected.

Your print quality will depend on the number of pixels your image has, to print a professional quality 4 x 6 inch print at 300 pixels/inch you would really need 300 by 4 and then 300 by 6 pixel dimensions to obtain optimum quality.
  • 300 pixels per inch x 4 inches wide = 1200 pixels
  • 300 pixels per inch x 6 inches wide = 1800 pixels
For an 8 x 10 inch print it would be:
  • 300 pixels per inch x 8 inches wide = 2400 pixels
  • 300 pixels per inch x 10 inches wide = 3000 pixels
  • Total number of pixels is 2400 x 3000 pixels = 7.2 MP

Smart phone images can be enlarged depending on the quality of the image, please make sure you upload the file at actual size/full resolution.

Images taken from social media platforms are low resolution & will be poor quality when enlarged. We can still produce these images but take no responsibility for the quality.

Our printing profiles can be supplied for ‘soft proofing’ on request.
Note: These ICC profiles are only used to display a soft proof.  It is important, however, to use a calibrated monitor for this.

For more information on the sizes we are able to print and prices please visit the prices page. 

If you are still unsure please do not hesitate to contact us

Move your mouse over the images to see the effect on their quality after being enlarged

Sample 1

Low Resolution
HIGH Resolution

Sample 2

Low Resolution
HIGH Resolution

Sample 3

Low Resolution
HIGH Resolution

Images size and File format

We recommend a minimum file size for large format printing of 300kb. Our upload system will accept  JPEG and PNG files. If you have another file type for example TIFF, PDF, etc. an order can still be processed but you would need to contact us click here  where you can upload your file or email

(Our services can still handle these files, it’s simply that our preview feature does not support these file types).

'A' sizes guidelines

  • A5    148.5mm x 210mm
  • A4    210mm x 297mm
  • A3    297mm x 420mm
  • A2    594mm x 420mm
  • A1    594mm x 841mm
  • A0    841mm x 1188mm